aires mateus installs ‘house in monsaraz’ into the scene of southern portugal

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lisbon-based firm aires mateus has finished a practically undetectable house in nearness to the alqueva lake in southern portugal. ‘house in monsaraz’, which was finished for a private customer, is topped with a green rooftop that shows up as an expansion of the encompassing scene. the property gauges only 174 square meters (1,872 sqf), subtly possessing its 21,100 square meter (227,119 sqf) site.

aires mateus started taking a shot at the undertaking in 2007, with development finishing in 2018. looked with the ‘endless degrees’ of the alqueva lake, the structure group affirmed that the residence required a ‘middle’ — for this situation, an ensured patio grasping the water. depicted as the ‘existence focus’ of the house, a domed space joins the home’s social territories. ‘an upset vault converges it and makes an opening that lights the space, molding its exact geometry and cutoff points,’ proceed with the engineers.

occupants and their guests enter the structure by sliding a stairwell that leads into the core of the home. the kitchen and living regions are legitimately associated with the secured yard, while three rooms open onto round porches. painted in brilliant white, these yards — which likewise work as lightwells — are the structure’s sole noticeable components when seen from above.

aires mateus installs 'house in monsaraz' into the scene of southern portugal
aires mateus installs ‘house in monsaraz’ into the scene of southern portugal

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