Clever Confidential Ep. 2: The Supernatural Beginnings of The Bradbury Building

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In the heart of downtown Los Angeles sits Hollywood’s undisputed architectural superstar — the Bradbury Building. The imposing structure’s character is definitive. Its origin story, however, is much murkier…

How did a young draftsman design one of the most remarkable buildings in the world? Why did he never again do anything of note? Or did he? Was all his creativity spent on this one masterpiece? Was this a case of stolen intellectual property? Or could this have even been a brush with the supernatural?

Join Amy Devers, co-host and partner in crime, Andrew Wagner, and very special guests, Esotouric’s Kim Cooper and Richard Schave on the second episode of Clever Confidential, an offshoot series that digs into the lesser told stories of the darker side of design; the shadowy, sometimes sordid, tales hiding under a glossy top coat of respectable legacy.

Many thanks to this episode’s guest experts Kim Cooper and Richard Schave!

More about Esotouric: Although Esotouric’s in-person tours have been paused since March 2020, Kim and Richard can be found every Saturday at 12p PST, presenting an all-new immersive cultural history webinar to Los Angeles history lovers around the world. Past webinar themes (all available On-Demand) include Raymond Chandler, The Black Dahlia, Angels Flight Railway, Grand Central Market, Cafeteria History and Lost Bunker Hill. And their first, naturally, was about the greatest building in Los Angeles: the Bradbury!

Photo: Carol M. Highsmith \ United States Library of Congress Prints and Photographs division

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Hosts: Amy Devers & Andrew Wagner
Writing and research: Amy Devers & Andrew Wagner
Guests: Kim Cooper & Richard Schave of Esotouric
Production: 2VDE Media
Editing and Sound Design: Camille Stennis 
Theme Music: “Astronomy” by Thin White Rope courtesy of Frontier Records
Logo design: Laura Jaramillo

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