Design Museum Everywhere Workplace Innovation Summit

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Design Museum Everywhere Workplace Innovation Summit

Design Museum Everywhere is responding to workplace paradigm shifts with the first-ever virtual Workplace Innovation Summit.

Designed to test boundaries and represent a catalyst for change, the Summit features the best names in design, business, and research for five days of visionary commentary and insightful discussion.

Through top keynote speakers, networking, and interactive sessions, the virtual Summit will outline how we move forward in cultivating a more equitable, meaningful, and healthful workplace for all.

This year marks the fifth annual Workplace Innovation Summit, and a first-time switch from a 1-day, in-person conference to a 5-day virtual design expo.

Created by the Design Museum’s Center for Workplace Innovation, a resource hub and think tank for workplace professionals, Summit attendees can harness the knowledge and innovation of today’s industry leaders through impactful conversations on current and post-COVID workplace strategies.


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