Google Lens and Wescover Let Users Explore Art Outside Museums

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Google Lens and Wescover Let Users Explore Art Outside Museums

Google Lens just launched an art experience with Wescover that lets users discover helpful digital information about the physical art and design objects around them, revealing the artists and stories behind local art in hotels, restaurants, and city streets.

Wescover has curated a ​map of art pieces around neighborhoods in San Francisco​ for the launch. This first map leads users to beautiful art pieces to reveal with Google Lens. Whether you’re curious about ​the colorful mural in Craftsman and Wolves coffee shop​ or you want to buy the same ​geometric wall hanging at Mister Jiu’s restaurant​, Wescover shows who made what and how to connect with the artist/designer.

“We are excited to give creators the credit they deserve,” Wescover co-founder and CEO, Rachely Esman said. “With these exact matches, we help consumers bridge the gap between inspiration and sourcing as they can trust the results they’re getting. Our hope is to enrich every physical environment with digital context and stories.”

Wescover and Google Lens in Craftsman and Wolves

Photo: Courtesy of Wescover

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