IAAC Global Summer School 2020 to Offer Online Workshops

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IAAC Global Summer School 2020 to Offer Online Workshops

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) has announced the 2020 Global Summer School (GSS20), the 13th edition of the international summer educational program focused on redesigning the future of our cities. The program will take place online from IAAC Barcelona from June 29 through July 24.

This year the GSS20 is presenting a unique online experience interconnecting its extraordinary network of faculty, industry collaborators, nodes, and laboratories in the biggest online educational summer course ever done before.

The GSS20 will offer 4 online courses exploring at different scales the impact of novel tools in the definition of a new Advanced Architecture.

The program offers an opportunity for architecture, design, art students and professionals alike to conduct a multi-level investigation on Computational Design, Ai Urbanism & Machine Learning, Building Information Modelling and Design for Robotics – controlling IAAC robots from their home.

This new program will be a celebration of alternative models and future education dealing with the challenges of the new world transforming our cities, architecture and technology.

“Programs such as IAAC’s Global Summer School have never been more important than they are now,” said Aldo Sollazzo, director of the Global Summer School at IAAC. “The world is in severe need of new minds in architecture to solve the humanitarian problems that threaten us. We at IAAC created the Global Summer School in order to provide the budding minds of the architecture field with the tools they need to address these problems.”

more: globalschool.iaac.net

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