Nina Mair Designs Bernard Collection for La Cividina

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Nina Mair Designs Bernard Collection for La Cividina

Nina Mair has developed a new seating furniture collection for La Cividina. The concept behind Bernard presents a new way of looking at sitting and seating. The particularity of this lounge chair is its L-shaped backrest. The back and armrest, have the same height, thus one can choose the direction they want to face, without having to move the furniture.

The collection also includes a daybed, two & three-seater sofas and side tables in various sizes. “The idea for the Bernard collection emerged from our wish to develop a furniture module that can skillfully react to any architectural circumstances,” said Nina Mair.

In an open space, Bernard pieces can be grouped together into a framework that allows most versatile constellations. The user can freely choose whether to expose oneself to communicative situations or rather approach a more private resting place.

Photos: Courtesy of La Cividina

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