Node Trillium Is the Carbon-Negative, Solar Powered Backyard Office of Our Dreams

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If you’re fortunate enough to be self-distancing at a residence with a backyard, you’ve probably harbored daydreams of working at home, but also separate from your actual living space – perhaps something spacious, modern, and sustainable like one of these Node carbon-negative off-grid prefabs outfitted with solar panels and a rainwater collection system.

Photo: Andrew Pogue for Node

The Seattle-based prefab company Node offers flat-pack building designs with USGBC LEED certifications up to platinum, compact as 400 square feet scaling up to full-size homes. Designed by Wittman Estes Architecture, each accessory dwelling unit is engineered to be easily shipped almost anywhere and assembled in days, and focuses upon prefabricated designs with an emphasis using non-toxic materials, an incorporation of solar power with its own energy storage, energy efficiency using a structure-wide systems integration, and a low impact and easy to install foundation system option.

Photo: Andrew Pogue for Node

Photo: Andrew Pogue for Node

Photo: Andrew Pogue for Node

Energy efficient kitchen appliances like inductive stovetops were chosen to optimize solar power self-efficiency while also keeping indoor pollutants at a minimum.

The Node Trillium series’ smallest option is a 400-square-foot layout ideally suited as a backyard home office, with the alternative for 800 square feet and even a 1,000 square feet, 3-bedroom layout for more inclusive live-in features. The Trillium’s darkened wood exterior is constructed with locally-sourced cedar planks given the shou sugi ban treatment, the charred Japanese wood-preservation method that improves fire, mold, and insect resistance.

The NODE Madrona prefab home model is a larger option intended as a secondary vacation home.

Other Node models like the Madrona and Sequoia series offer floor-to-ceiling windows to invite as much natural light as possible while also utilizing energy efficient systems to keep interiors warm and cool in response to outdoor temperatures.

An even larger two-floor Juniper Series option is in the works for customers looking for a residential solution.

Those fortunate enough to live in proximity to Seattle, Washington can visit two of the Node model homes to get more acquainted with the designs: The Madrona guest retreat is located in Whidbey Island just north of Seattle, while the Trillium backyard DADU/cottage is located in West Seattle. Node offers potential buyers the opportunity to sign-up for visits via online inquiry here.

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