plastique fantastique’s ‘isphere’ face shield reminds of 50s sci-fi comics

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plastique fantastique's 'isphere' face shield reminds of 50s sci-fi comics

considering the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic in modern everyday life and human interaction, plastique fantastique have created ‘isphere’, a transparent spherical mask that protects the whole face. the iconic design is influeced by the science fiction comics of the 50s and the creations of the utopian movements of the 60s.

isphere 1
artists wearing isphere
all images by marco barotti



this virus is very democratic: it spreads over the borders, has no preference for gender, social, cultural, or economic status.‘ plastique fantastique shares. with these thoughts in mind, the open-source isphere project was introduced that anyone can produce, develop and improve, in order to protect oneself against the coronavirus.

isphere 2
gesundbrunnen station in berlin



the designers taped 2 transparent hollow hemispheres together and cut a hole for the head. additional gadgets can give a unique touch to any isphere: it can have a sunshade, a mirrored layer, an integrated microphone, a speaker, or a snorkel. the isphere is a funny and serious object that stimulates how to approach this exceptional situation.


isphere 3
isphere in atrium


isphere 4
wedding station in berlin


isphere 5
inside the metro


isphere 6
how to make isphere



project info:


name: isphere
designers: plastique fantastique (marco canevacci & yena young)


isphere 1

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