SAV design shapes present day tropical house that streams with indian scene

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situated in the tropical and ocean side condition of goa in west india, the ‘sun house’ was planned by sav engineering + structure, a firm situated in london, mumbai and goa. motivated by the blazing idea of the sun, the engineers made the house with neighborhood red laterite stone outside dividers, huge sun screens, and a twofold stature block clad passageway and living spaces. the house’s geometry is gotten from the scene, with an accentuation on intense clearing strokes, liquid lines and enormous shades that reflect in the inside spaces.

tropical house
tropical house

the sun house has louvered passage verandah making an intriguing and punctured access to the house with neighborhood laterite dividers on the passageway and southern veneers that take into account cooler temperatures

working with an obliged and tight site, irregular for occasion homes, and with little sees, the designers concentrated on making a house that countenances inwards. the home draws the components of nature towards itself and uncovered them in its insides. the uncovered block divider shapes the focal spine of the house changing its course as it moves to the twofold tallness living space, making a dynamic and clearing impact. the bended living space winds up depressed, intended to be in accordance with the degree of the pool outside. this makes a graceful visual scaffold with the water, and highlights an amphitheater-like seating.

the skimming teak wood open riser staircase with metal poles as the balustrade make layers of surface and a rich materiality that moves through the whole house

the twofold stature entryways of the lounge room slide and overlay to open the insides where it associates with the pool. the planners utilized a basic, insignificant and locally accessible material palette that enabled them to remain consistent with the design encounters. the picked materials additionally center around on the craftsmanship and subtleties just as nature and the association with the outside. built out of in-situ concrete, the uncovered solid rooftop and floors loan a consistency to the insides while additionally keeping the house cool in the tropical climate of goa.

tropical house
tropical house

the hall space was intended to be cool thoughtful one with the seats were structured as sculptural articles raising the negligible and basic mind-set

structured aesthetically, the house still reacts to its tropical atmosphere with enormous shades and concealed yard green spaces. the shades and slanting roofscapes are reflected in the inner spaces and through its differing inclines and edges, producing one of a kind spatial minutes over the whole house. the passageway of the house is planned with a block lined divider over a straight, shallow pool with enormous sun screens on the south divider that make both an intelligent and performative state of mind when visitors go into the house.

the engineers made the open arrangement feasting to be a fun, crisp and light space that flawlessly mixes the neighborhood with the advanced

the coasting teak open riser stairs with its metal poles make layers of surface and materiality that course through the whole house. the open arrangement eating and kitchen is intended to be a fun, new and light space that perfectly mixes a nearby and worldwide feel. it highlights goan-portuguese roused customary concrete tiled ground surface, neighborhood stone counters, a high spec current kitchen, and splendid furnishings. molded around an inward yard on the two sides, the kitchen and eating territories get a great deal of light, common ventilation and a consistent association with the outside.

the bended living space is an indented one intended to be in accordance with the degree of the pool outside making a graceful visual scaffold with ‘water’ with its amphitheater like seating

on the main level, the stairs end with an open arrangement mezzanine space that looks onto the twofold tallness depressed living. the one of a kind lights were planned by the draftsmen and were roused by the design lines of the house. every one of the rooms open up through liquid, clearing white passages that give a component of amazement inside the house. every room has a one of a kind association with the outside, while the ace room has a huge private porch that looks onto a louvered patio on one side and the pool onto another.

the planners needed the twofold tallness indented living space of the sun house to make a power of feeling like the sun itself

fitted timber joinery just as traces of striking shading in materials and workmanship give a differentiating warmth to the negligible and thoughtful building palettes. one of the most significant spaces in the house are all the shower spaces, and every one of them five are intended to make a solid association with the red hot nature of materials, top lit lookout windows just as to the liquid spatial lines of the house.

the twofold stature living with its red hot block divider, geometrical lines and dynamic shape is intended to make amazing feelings, through the story soul of spaces

the bar and poker room spaces around the pool side offer a blend of chic insides with made furniture with a solid association with the tropical plants outside. the two spaces face the pool just as the internal patios they look onto. the scene around the pool, despite the fact that not huge, submits its general direction to the sensational lines of the house, making spaces that stream in and out flawlessly loaning a dynamic and pleasant quality to the space.

tropical house
tropical house

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