studio 91’s ‘casa canto’ in mexico features circular garden conversation pit

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studio 91's 'casa canto' in mexico features circular garden conversation pit

studio 91 has designed ‘casa canto’, a private residence situated in the metropolitan area of mexico city. the project includes a ground floor apartment, enveloped by a spacious garden that overlooks the sloping landscape. 

canto house 1
all images by luis gallardo 



the garden features a circular area that surrounds a fire pit, and functions as a lounge space for residents and visitors. this living room typology echoes with 60s nostalgia, and has been chosen in order to create a much needed space for gathering and socializing. different textures compose the garden, with both built and natural elements, waiting for the patina of time and the growth of new vegetation. the latticework of the serpentinous brick wall allows residents to see the slope, visually expanding the size of this exterior area. 


canto house 2



within the interior, a black oak wood casing with brass details is the main element that transforms and covers walls, hides bathroom and closet doors and forms furniture and bookcases. all spaces are determined by its shape and structure, that give a specific visual identity to the whole interior. floor to ceiling modern windows were placed in the apartment, giving residents the opportunity to appreciate the whole landscape. 

canto house 3

canto house 4

canto house 5

canto house 6

canto house 8

canto house 9



project info:


name: canto house
architecture studio: studio 91
lead architect: jaime bucay



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