Ted Moudis Associates Designs New HQ for Tech Startup G2

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Ted Moudis Associates Designs New HQ for Tech Startup G2

Ted Moudis Associates has designed the new workplace for Chicago-based G2, a fast-growing, peer-to-peer review engine. Abandoning all private offices, G2 tasked the design team with establishing an appropriate ratio of private rooms — including conferencing space, phone booths and break-away zones — to balance the abundance of open workstations.

Each of the private, heads-down areas were expertly outfitted to accommodate confidentiality concerns without sacrificing sightlines or brightness within the space. To underscore that sense of brightness, while keeping pace with G2’s quick-moving culture, Ted Moudis Associates created an energetic design scheme through the incorporation of bold branding and colorful graphics that mirror the company’s synergistic undercurrent.

Utilizing a sleek black and white base, the team layered in daring hues through neon signs, geometric accent walls, vivid textiles, and vibrant furnishings. The scheme is anchored in a grand central staircase, strategically introduced in the post-tension building.

Photography: Get it Got

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