A State-of-the-Art Aviation Training Centre Has Just Landed in the UAE

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Binchy and Binchy  Dynamic Advanced Training

Courtesy of Binchy and Binchy

While commercial passenger airlines have been hit hard by the global pandemic, the private aviation business is thriving. Those wealthy enough to upgrade to private jet travel are driving a surge in demand for suitable aircraft and operators, and providing a glimmer of hope for airline staff facing employment woes.

In the UAE, Dynamic Advanced Training has just unveiled its state-of-the-art aviation training centre in Dubai South. After having received certification from the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Dynamic is affirmed as the only independent and certified Cabin Crew Training Organization (CCTO) in the UAE.

The centre provides comprehensive training for aircrew and other aviation personnel and features several interactive classrooms, training rooms and medical workshop areas. The main hall contains four cutting-edge cabin simulators covering both commercial and business jets, which incorporate the latest technology in full motion with synchronised, high-definition cabin and cockpit audiovisuals to create a hyper-realistic experience by exposing trainees to real-world scenarios – including firefighting. Plus, there’s a 3.4m deep water survival pool with fog, wind, driving rain, and metre-high waves.

“Reality is key in designing training centres,” says Jennie Binchy, Design Director at Binchy and Binchy, which was tasked with designing the complex interiors. “Training in hyper-real environments is necessary for the personal management of physical responses to stress. If the environment is known to be fake, regardless of the techniques and training learned, fear can overcome responsibility in a real-life situation.”

Binchy and Binchy has undertaken a wide variety of projects, from residential villas to institutional buildings, and this broad experience ‘perfectly equips the practice to design training facilities, which seamlessly combine many different functions under one roof and adhere to complex technical and safety aspects required for training,’ adds Jennie.

The interior design – a monochrome colour scheme paired with contoured steel sheet cladding, walnut veneered joinery and Dekton surfaces – is inspired by business class aesthetics that feature in both exterior and interior jet finishes.Custom-designed furniture by Binchy and Binchy promotes the use of sustainable alternative materials such as vegan leather over traditional leather and suede.

Alongside this aviation facility, Binchy and Binchy are also working on two training centres for law enforcement agencies that encompass architecture and master planning. The studio’s work aims to establish a new genre of training facility that bridges the gap between design-led spaces and pure functionality.

All training courses by Dynamic are delivered to the highest standards and are also compliant with EASA, GCAA, and FAA regulations. But the company also has its eyes set firmly on the future and there’s an awareness that innovation and looking beyond the core aviation business might be wise in the coming months.

“An advantage of being independent is being able to rapidly adapt to changing conditions,” says Mark Kammer, Co-founder and Operations Director of Dynamic, “or to open up our facility to other lines of business such as supporting media productions or offering leadership and management training to the wider business community.”

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