Auckland’s Split House Boasts Cedar Ceilings and a Wooden Screen

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Pac Studio recently completed a villa renovation in Auckland, New Zealand which added a new extension that steps down three levels in order to connect the living spaces with the outdoors. Appropriately named Split House, the residence’s addition includes a new kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, and media room, and features a split hip roof with its ceiling clad in a rich cedar. High level windows and a faceted wooden screen round out the design’s custom look.

The young couple were concerned with waste the project would produce, which was addressed in a variety of ways, including selling off the old kitchen to another young couple, preserving and repurposing original materials, and sending the old plasterboard to be crushed and turned into landscape lime.

Walnut cabinetry was custom built throughout the addition to aid with storage.

Light, neutral walls help balance the warm woods to create a light-filled, cozy interior that’s perfect for a family.

While the extension falls into the modern category, the front of the villa was preserved, thereby making this an official house mullet.

Photos by Simon Devitt, courtesy of BowerBird.

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