carlo mollino’s memorable ‘rascard garelli’ captured by marcello mariana

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in 1962, surveyor felice garelli asked his companion carlo mollino — the acclaimed modeler, creator, and picture taker — to migrate and reestablish a customary ‘rascard’ to fill in as a vacation home in northwestern italy’s val d’ayas. mollino started by numbering each bit of the notable wooden structure, before destroying and reassembling them on a recently developed brick work base over the valley, in the town of champoluc. these pictures of ‘rascard garelli’, taken by photographic artist marcello mariana, investigate the structure, which was finished in 1965.

mariana’s photographs represent the sythesis of the house, where the moved wooden structure sits over its all the more as of late fabricated establishment. this stone base was planned via carlo mollino, who looked to reference the district’s conventional development strategies. for instance, the stone columns that help the timber structure are mollino’s reinterpretation of the ‘mushrooms’ — wooden segments delegated with a circle — truly used to help a rascard’s upper levels. the base’s nonstop bended grinding likewise draws from the structure’s unique plan language.

the upper degrees of the home can be gotten to remotely by a solid staircase on the southern façade. again structured by mollino, the staircase has slim advances, laying on a strengthened solid shaft. both the bar and the structure of the balustrade uprights are run of the mill of mollino’s expressive bending structures, apparent in the two his furnishings and photography. on this side of the house, the rascard expands multiple meters from the stone base. the utilization of timber and stone is proceeded inside, with the whole building bested with record pieces.

rascard garelli
rascard garelli

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