House of Today Announces Initiative to Help Beirut’s Design Community Rebuild

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Stemming from a desire to promote under-recognized Lebanese design talent on a global platform and alleviate potential difficulties faced by design students, since 2012 House of Today has nurtured an eco-system that allows Lebanese creatives to flourish well beyond their homeland.

With so much to bear already, the blast has been the latest and most brutal blow to the Lebanese designers – destroying their studios and homes, laying their stock and workshops to waste.

“House of Today has always been a platform of giving, of solidarity, of transparence, and of togetherness,” says Cherine Magrabi Tayeb, House of Today’s Founder and Chairwoman. “These past few days have given us time to digest the magnitude of the explosion and to shift our energies towards responding to the immediate needs of Lebanon’s design sector.”

Cherine Magrabi Tayeb

With a focus on providing them the support they may need to return to work, House of Today calls on designers and artisans to submit a form which will help ascertain the extent of damage and the financial support that may be required to get them up and running as soon as possible.

With a holistic approach to the emergency, House of Today is also reaching out to Lebanese artisans to lend a helping hand to refurbish their ateliers. Alongside, the organization is raising funds to provide opportunities for Lebanese students to study abroad and for House of Today designers to enroll in residency programs.

House of Today 2018

“For today’s Beirut, the importance of continuity, maintaining momentum and holding on to the good in every area of society – cannot be underestimated. This is true nowhere more than within the cultural sector.” says Magrabi Tayeb, who herself is contributing to the fundraising efforts. “We urge the global cultural community to respond to our call for donations and assistance at this time.

To find out more about House of Today’s initiative to rebuild Beirut’s design eco-system and how you can help, please visit its website. To donate, please click here.


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