Iconic Houses Network Launches Watch List of Endangered Modern Houses

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Iconic Houses Network Launches Watch List of Endangered Modern Houses

The Iconic Houses Network has launched ‘Icons at Risk,’ an online inventory of the world’s most endangered architecturally significant modern houses. A selection of some 30 endangered homes is extensively documented on the website. In addition to the history of the houses, the website contains lots of historical visual material, videos, latest news and literature references.

The project brings together a range of stakeholders (academics, heritage professionals, homeowners, and preservationists) to explore and address current threats to these culturally significant residences.

In addition to identifying houses that are threatened by the wrecking ball or deteriorating rapidly due to lack of maintenance or vacancy, information can be found about masterpieces from architectural history that have since been demolished. But the website also brings success stories about houses that have been saved from demolition or a ruinous state, like Villa Cavrois near Lille, a masterpiece designed by Robert Mallet-Stevens in the 1930s, which opened to the public as a house museum in 2015 after an extensive restoration, with great success, recording 150,000 visitors every year.

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