Liqui Group Designs Series of Vitrines for LA Design Festival 2020

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Liqui Group Designs Series of Vitrines for LA Design Festival 2020

Liqui Group, in collaboration with LA Design Festival, has created a series of colorful vitrines for this years feature installation ‘Design for the Future’ showcasing independent designers and brands. Envisioned by Liqui Group’s Creative Director, Cameron Fry, the series of vitrines consist of 4×4 feet hand-crafted wooden crates, designed to showcase objects as if they were behind a shop vitrine – by framing it for the observer. The use of bright color backgrounds, and a single LED light, makes each designer’s work even more special during the night.

“We are so used to interacting with the piece of furniture or object in front of us, especially during design festivals and this year’s pandemic completely changed the way we do things. As the festival goes on-line, we made it our priority to think outside the box,” commented Cameron Fry, Creative Director for Liqui Group. “By creating these special vitrines, independent designers and brands like us, can continue to communicate quality, design and creativity in a safe space, for everyone to enjoy. This creative project not only gives designers a platform to share their work with a few passers-by, but virtually, reach a wider audience across the globe.”

Photography: Tara Wujcik

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