These Melting Sculptures Expose Florida’s Dire Climate Crisis

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These Melting Sculptures Expose Florida's Dire Climate Crisis

1stAveMachine and Zubi recently launched a new campaign for nonprofit The CLEO Institute. Spearheaded by 1stAveMachine Director and inventor Bob Partington, the campaign, entitled #FlClimateCrisis, brings greater awareness to Florida’s rising temperatures through melting wax sculptures installed across the state’s major cities.

The outdoor pieces include a lifeguard hut (Miami), Florida panther mother and cub (Tampa), as well as a grandfather and granddaughter on a park bench (Orlando) — all purposefully designed to melt within a 5-day period by the extreme heat. Each sculpture melts to reveal a secret message such as ‘More Heat, Less Beaches.’

Photos: Courtesy of 1stAveMachine

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