yoshihiro kato atelier folds rooftop to make façade of japanese hair salon

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yoshihiro kato atelier has structured the ‘WESTORY’ hair salon found 30 minutes via vehicle from the focal point of nagoya city in japan. what was initially a field, the site is presently home to the single story intercession. joining components of greenery inside and around the new building, the directing idea driving the task was to make a hair salon with a progressively normal inclination.

estimating 1453 ft2 (134.99 m2) in region, the structure is hindered from the road. the parking garage is framed in squashed stone, giving a harsh and progressively common feel. solid sections, situated in the focal point of the site, mean the way to the hair salon, inviting clients inside. the volume reports itself by a ceaseless rooftop plain that folds over and stretches out down to make the principle entrance façade. by doing this, the engineer frames a to some degree thoughtful appearance, as the inside is mostly covered up by the corner to corner lines of the rooftop augmentation.

inside the hair salon the timber structure is uncovered all through the space, making a warm and characteristic climate. the rooftop plain that stretches out to the cold earth diminishes the measure of direct light that enters the inside, which was a purposeful plan choice by the designer. rather, to get diffused light, a void is sliced into the rooftop to shape a little inner yard. this addition brings a component of the outside inside while likewise carrying normal light into the salon.

create façade of japanese
create façade of japanese

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